Dale's Gone Roofing Licensed, bonded and insured Serving Lewiston, Clarkston and surrounding areas
Dale's Gone Roofing Licensed, bonded and insuredServing Lewiston, Clarkston and surrounding areas

Dale's Gone Roofing 

Are you needing to put a new roof on your home? With Dale's Gone Roofing, we offer more then 30 years roofing experience with references to stand behind them.


Using the best quality materials for your roof, accompanied  with my own knowledge and workmanship in every job, we leave you feeling secure your roof is in the best hands.


If you are only in need of a repair,, we won't try to sell you a new roof. We are the go to repair company in the Valley. Wheather you are leaking, or just have some shigles blown off, most repairs cost less then an insurance deductable saving you time and money!


With cleanliness a priority for every job, the smiles of meeting new friends and the joy that comes in doing every roofing project, we look forward to making you our next satisfied customer !

Where Honesty and Quality Come Together

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Let our Refrences Speak to You !

Dales Gone Roofing

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Bringing Joy, expertise, honesty and quality to every job! Let us rock your world with our competitive and comprhensive quote for your roofing project.

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